Window regulators are the important components of the car. These car parts are widely used because people are always rising and lowering car windows. They are attached to electric windows and control movement of window glass. Because of the excessive use of window regulator assembly and window motor, these parts fall victim to wearing and breaking. You can get their new replacements from either renowned branded store or reliable online auto parts stores. In case of tight budgets, salvage, or junk yards are also good options for purchasing window regulator assembly and motor assembly. Do not miss out any place as the finest replacement can be found anywhere.

Every car owner faces window regulator replacement at least once in the functional life of his vehicle. With accurate knowledge and the right guidance, you can perform this task on your own otherwise reach out for the help of professional auto mechanics. Before opting for the second option, you should be aware of the fact that window motor replacement cost varies from car to car and it may be expensive for yours.

How to Replace Window Regulator Assembly?

To begin the process of window regulator replacement, remove door panel by taking off all the screws. Then identify the inner components and disconnect electrical connections from motor, window regulator cables, mounting bolts and electrical connectors. Since you are inside door panel, it would be beneficial to check other parts too. Make an immediate replacement if you find mechanical problems in any of them. Once it is all done, take out window regulator repair parts by detaching plastic assembly and removing bolts. Now smoothly install the new regulator and finish the task of window regulator parts replacement.

Two Main Types of Window Regulator and Motor Assembly:

Electric window regulators and manual window regulators are the two main types of window regulators. Electric regulators are found in all new and latest models of cars, whereas the older ones usually had manual regulators. The basic difference between two of them is that manual comes with a crank for window raising and lowering windows whereas in electric windows there is fixed button for moving window glass up and down. This button is operated by an automatic window motor that provides current to complete the work.

How do Window Regulator and Motor Assembly Operate?

Windows in cars are operated by a proper system and mechanism. It comprises of automatic power motor which is housed inside door panel. Worm gear and spur gear together create enough amount of torque to move window glass upwards or downwards. On pushing an electric button or moving crank, the relays send a signal to the motor directly which in turn operates on linear basis and create the up and down motion of the window.

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